Anonymous wondered:
Do you mind telling us what font you use to watermark your edits? :)

sure, I use wendy or silkscreen :) I hope I have helped :)

shared 2 years ago on July/23/2012.

juicyjilli wondered:
how do you find this quarter quell gifs ?

they’re from mainstay pro.. You can find it here. :)

shared 2 years ago on July/14/2012, with 1 note.

Anonymous wondered:
no offense but do you have dyslexia? that edit you made... it says ladys frist. I feel like it should say ladies first?

omg, i ‘m so sorry… english is not my frist language, and I forget somethings sometimes… Sorry, really ):

edit: thank you, I’m gonna remeke it. And no, I don’t have dyslexia yep/

shared 2 years ago on June/19/2012.

Anonymous wondered:
Where did you get your pics from? :)

from a lot of places… the original ones I pick up here, some others here… Or sometimes I look for it in the google .-.

shared 2 years ago on May/22/2012.

Anonymous wondered:
YOU DID NOT JUST TAKE MY WATERMELON ! Ima call Dewayne to go all hunger games on you. Yo ass better watch out.

shared 2 years ago on May/13/2012.

Anonymous wondered:
where is your district 6 badge from? it's amazing :)

own, thank you but i’m not sure from where is, but I think is from

if you want one, just ask; I have some others here :)

shared 2 years ago on April/2/2012.

Anonymous wondered:
I hope you know that your poster of Cato that says "brutal, bloody, Cato" has a misspelling. Bloody has 2 Os and ONE D. jsyk.

O_O OMG, THANK YOU!! My english sucks >< i will fix this, thanks, really (:

shared 2 years ago on March/28/2012.

13-531-deactivated20131029 wondered:
i don't think peeta said "here to finish me off, sweetheart?" either! it pisses me off


this quotes are so perfect, i missed them so much ):

i also missed cato screaming clove name, when thresh was going to kill her… ):

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